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Santa Rosa Dead Pelicans Soar to Victory to Win 2023 USARL National Championship


In a sporting spectacle that could rival the most gripping dramas, the Santa Rosa Dead Pelicans etched their names in American rugby league history by clinching the USARL National Championship in a thrilling showdown against the defending champions, Jacksonville Axemen. From the roar of the crowd to the heart-stopping plays on the field, this championship game was more than just a contest of physical prowess; it was a canvas painted with strategy, determination, and statistics that told a tale of triumph against all odds.

The USARL National Championship Opening Act

As the two teams took the field at The University of North Florida's stadium, the atmosphere was electric with anticipation. The opening half bore witness to an intense battle of wits and physicality as the Axemen sought to defend their championship title against the spirited Dead Pelicans.

USARL National Championship - Multiple Dead Pelicans attempt to take down a Jacksonville Axemen player
Photo Credit to Allene Rachal

Santa Rosa was able to make a few good runs but was persistently troubled by the stout Axemen defense, who forced the Dead Pelicans into numerous errors in the first 10 minutes of the match. Despite the errors, the Dead Pelicans found themselves meters away from the first try of the match only to knock on in the play-the-ball.

The first try of the contest came in Jacksonivlle's next possession at the 13' min mark. After another penalty against the Dead Pelicans, the Axemen found themselves just short of mid-field where Captain David Washington slipped one defender and broke away for 20 meters on tackle one. Putting the Dead Pelicans on the back foot the Axemen off the quick play-the-ball, big forward Malcome Webb took the ball at first receiver, carried a few Pelicans with him, and gained 15 more meters putting them into great attacking position inside the Santa Rosa 20m. After a strong hit up from Terrance James it was veteran Khalial Harris taking the ball at first receiver, fending one tackler, spinning off of another, and diving over in front of the posts for the opening points of the match. Mason McCrory's conversion was good for a 6-0 Axmen lead.

The Pelicans, poised to make a statement, found themselves plagued by errors that marred their execution. Mistimed passes, handling errors, and lapses in communication resulted in turnovers that Jacksonville was quick to capitalize on. The Axemen, experienced and unforgiving, seized upon these mistakes and at 22' converted them into points.

Break away by Jacksonville Axemen player James Williams
Photo Credit to Allene Rachal

Following one of the Dead Pelican's 10 knock-ons, Jacksonville found themselves at mid-field again with a scrum. With the defense of Santa Rosa split, Fullback James Williams, a key figure in the Axemen's offensive arsenal, demonstrated his prowess by taking the ball at first receiver. Employing a well-timed dummy and executing a nimble side step that left the first tackler grasping at air, Williams shattered the defensive line. His acceleration and speed carried him untouched across the field, covering a remarkable 50 meters to cross the try line. This brilliant display of individual skill showcased the Axemen's ability to seize the moment and convert defensive lapses into points on the scoreboard. McCrory's converted kick gave the Axemen a solid 12-0 lead with the Dead Pelicans hurting under the heat and humidity of the Florida sun.

The Dead Pelicans would not be deterred. Eight minutes after Jacksonville's second try, the Santa Rosa Dead Pelicans orchestrated a remarkable response that showcased their unwavering determination. A penalty for offsides granted them a prime opportunity, and it was No. 12 Andre Whaley who paved the way, surging forward for an impressive 10-meter gain on just the second tackle. Yet, the defining moment arrived when RJ Philips bulldozed through defenders, breaking three tackles and propelling the Pelicans within 5 meters of the try line. A quick play-the-ball on the right edge set the stage for Tui Nale, whose precise execution saw him dive over for a try that reignited Santa Rosa's hopes. With Nale converting his own try, the score shifted to 12-6 in favor of Jacksonville, underscoring the Pelicans' capacity to capitalize on the few first-half opportunities and swiftly turn the tides of the match.

The remainder of the first half unfolded as a chaotic dance, with both teams grappling with a flurry of errors that disrupted the fluidity of the game. At half-time oranges, the scoreline favored the Axemen at 12-6. Yet, within this scoreline lay a story told by the numbers. The Dead Pelicans displayed remarkable defensive prowess, executing a staggering 14 tackles within their 20-meter zone. This statistic alone provided a window into their resilience and ability to absorb the relentless pressure imposed by the Axemen's offensive onslaught. However, the



Dead Pelicans










Completed Sets/Attempted



Tackles Inside Own 20









A Second-Half of Missed Chances

The second half started very much as the first half ended as the Axemen quickly crossed into enemy territory off a Pelican's mistake. On tackle 3 just shy of the 50, half-back Ryan Bannerot with a quick play-the-ball was able to slice 25m through the Santa Rosa defense. After back-to-back penalties, Jacksonville pounded the Santa Rosa defensive line getting 3 meters off the line. Unfortunately for the Axemen, they could not convert.

This emerged as a turning point in the match that showcased the Dead Pelicans' capacity to stand strong. Armed with a renewed sense of determination and tactical adjustments, the Pelicans set out to rewrite their narrative. While the first half had been marked by mistakes, the second half illustrated a team that had learned from its errors. The Pelicans minimized handling errors, tightened their defensive line, and exhibited a level of composure that had eluded them earlier. That composure was evident not 8 min into the second stanza.

With the Pelicans attacking, the final tackle approached, hooker Michael Buyson unleashed a calculated kick into the right corner, a move that would leave the Jacksonville players momentarily perplexed. The ball's bounce proved to be an unexpected twist, finding its way into the capable hands of #5 Tevita Salato who dove over the line for Santa Rosa's second try. However, the conversion attempt by Semi Komaisavai fell short, leaving the scoreline at 12-10 in favor of Jacksonville.

USARL National Championship - Iloilo Amataga
Photo Credit to Allene Rachal

A heart-pounding sequence that epitomized the fine margins of championship clashes, the Santa Rosa Dead Pelicans found themselves on the cusp of a game-changing moment just after their last try. On tackle 3, the Pelicans orchestrated a swift display of ball movement, orchestrating a breathtaking transfer from one sideline to the other, spanning the entire width of the field. The ball found its way to Kristoff "Prime" Usher, whose electrifying speed turned him into a streaking comet, devouring 45 meters of the field. With the try line in sight, Usher made a valiant effort to elude the last tackler, Axemen captain David Washington. But Washington's outstretched arm barely managed to halt Usher's sprint, allowing David Harrold to complete the tackle just 4 meters shy of the line. In a gut-wrenching twist, Usher lost possession in the tackle, marking a missed opportunity that showcased the Axemen's resilience in halting the Pelicans' surge and preventing a potentially game-changing score

In a mesmerizing display of end-to-end action, the Jacksonville Axemen responded swiftly to the Pelicans' missed opportunity, showcasing their attacking prowess and ability to turn the tide of the match. With the ball in hand, Axemen captain David Washington carved through the defensive line with precision and determination, slicing his way from 25 meters out. As the Pelicans defense scrambled to contain the threat, Ryan Bannerot executed a brilliant dummy that left the second-to-last defender flying through the air past him. His subsequent pass found the hands of a wide-open Jason Martin, who stood poised for what could have been a game-changing response. However, Martin, with the try line beckoning, knocked the ball on, denying the Axemen a golden opportunity to strike back and leaving the outcome hanging in the balance with 26 minutes to play.

The Final 20

Amidst the intensifying battle, the final minutes of the championship clash showcased the impactful performances of No. 11 Iloilo Amataga and No. 12 Andre Whaley. Amataga and Whaley brought a dynamic offensive spark, breaking through defensive lines and orchestrating strategic plays that ignited the Pelicans' attack. As the championship hung in the balance, their contributions emerged as defining factors that shaped the climactic moments of the USARL National Championship.

Dead Pelican player Andre Whaley attempts to disrupt a pass from Jacksonville Axmen player Mason McCrory
Photo Credit to Allene Rachal

The Pelicans surged ahead in the 69th minute with a remarkable try. Following three pivotal offloads that disrupted Jacksonville's defense, Amataga powered through the line, propelling his team within 5 meters of the try line. On the crucial fifth tackle, Skipper Nuilevu's calculated toe-poke past the onrushing defense placed a perfectly timed grubber onto the try line. Jacksonville's failure to recover allowed Skipper to pounce on his own kick, securing the Dead Pelicans' first lead of the match. Tui Nale's successful conversion extended the lead to 16-12, seizing control of the championship narrative.

A relentless assault from Jacksonville ensued and the Dead Pelicans' defense faced a pivotal test in back-to-back possessions. Terrance James and Khalial Harris powered the Axemen within 3 meters of the try line, but the resolute Pelicans defense held strong, forcing crucial knock-ons. This defensive stand not only repelled the threat but also allowed Santa Rosa to relieve pressure and strategically shift the momentum by advancing the ball down the field.

As the seconds dwindled towards the final whistle, the Dead Pelicans orchestrated a dramatic surge deep into Jacksonville territory, setting the stage for a game-defining moment. In the 78th minute, the spotlight turned to Tevita Salato, who seized the play-the-ball opportunity. Displaying remarkable guile, Salato exploited an overzealous Axemen defensive line, executing a clever dummy that left them grasping at thin air as he soared over the try line, expanding Santa Rosa's lead to a commanding 8 points with a mere 2 minutes remaining on the clock, Nale's conversion attempt fell short. Salato's heads-up play reverberated as a testament to the Pelicans' ability to capitalize on crucial moments and secure a substantial advantage when it mattered most.

Tactically, the final 20 minutes bore witness to a strategic adaptation that enabled the Dead Pelicans to regain control of the game. Possession percentages shifted in their favor, with the Pelicans maintaining a 53% possession rate compared to Jacksonville's 47%. This shift was a testament to the team's ability to recalibrate its approach and assert itself on the field. The set completion rates also revealed a transformation. Jacksonville, while still formidable, struggled to replicate its first-half efficiency. In contrast, the Dead Pelicans exhibited an impressive improvement in completing their sets.

With time running out and a monumental challenge ahead, Jacksonville raced back to the line with a sense of urgency, fully aware of the Herculean task of scoring two tries in just 2 minutes to salvage their title hopes. Faced with this daunting scenario, the Axemen turned to the leadership of Captain David Washington. Swiftly taking the tap and go, Washington navigated his way through the defense to score a try that reflected his team's unwavering determination. However, the moment was tinged with bittersweet inevitability, as Mason McCrory's conversion attempt drifted wide. The final whistle resonated through the air, the scoreboard displayed a final score of 20-16, heralding the historic triumph of the Santa Rosa Dead Pelicans from the PCRL, who clinched their first-ever national title. The culmination of this electrifying clash not only underscored the Pelicans' triumphant journey but also etched an unforgettable chapter in the annals of USARL history.

As the final whistle echoed through the stadium, the scoreboard revealed a scoreline that encapsulated more than just victory; it captured the essence of the Dead Pelicans' journey from mistakes and setbacks to triumph and redemption. Their story resonates as a reminder that sports transcend numbers; they embody resilience, adaptation, and the indomitable spirit of athletes who refuse to be defined by their mistakes.



​Dead Pelicans










Completed Sets/Attempted



Tackles Inside Own 20









By the Numbers

Breaking down the statistical landscape of the match, the final scoreline of 20-16 resonates as a testament to the hard-fought contest between the Santa Rosa Dead Pelicans and the Jacksonville Axemen. The Pelicans found the tryline on four occasions, while the Axemen managed three tries, illustrating the teams' proficiency in crossing the whitewash. Conversion accuracy played a role in the outcome, with the Pelicans converting 50% of their attempts (2 out of 4), while the Axemen achieved a conversion rate of 66.7% (2 out of 3).

On the discipline front, the Dead Pelicans grappled with 16 penalties and 10 knock-ons, compared to the Axemen's 7 penalties and 6 knock-ons. Despite these challenges, the standout aspect of Santa Rosa's performance was their resolute red zone defense. The Pelicans conceded just three tries throughout the match, an impressive feat supported by their execution of 32 tackles inside their own 20-meter zone. In contrast, the Axemen executed 16 tackles within the same territory.

Ultimately, these statistical insights provide a comprehensive overview of the match's dynamics, underlining the Pelicans' determined defense and effective attacking strategies that propelled them to secure a memorable victory in the USARL National Championship.

Rugby League in America's MoTM

The Rugby League in America Man of the Match was none other than the tenacious No. 12, Andre Whaley. While his name may not have adorned the score sheet, Whaley's impactful presence resonated throughout the game, leaving an indelible mark on the outcome. His exceptional tackling prowess emerged as a force to be reckoned with, neutralizing the Axemen's advances and setting the tone for Santa Rosa's resolute defense. Beyond his defensive acumen, Whaley's astute decision-making came to the forefront. His powerful runs not only gained valuable meters but also created crucial openings, allowing his teammates to exploit newfound spaces and forge ahead. As a linchpin in both attack and defense, Whaley's contributions proved to be a defining factor that propelled the Dead Pelicans to their triumphant victory, leaving an indomitable imprint on the USARL National Championship encounter.

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